Hearing Every Huggable Heartbeat


We’ve reached our goal! A huge thank you to everyone who helped us achieve this success. We are beyond grateful!

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Our Mission: Bringing the Gift of a Healthy Pregnancy Closer

At Camino Health Center, we’re embarking on a mission fueled by love—a mission to bring the joy of every huggable heartbeat closer to those who need it most.

The Need: A Lifesaving In-House Ultrasound Machine

Many of our patients face barriers to travel for crucial testing, depriving them of the chance to cherish the significant experience of monitoring the health of their unborn child through ultrasound imaging. Last year alone, 745 ultrasound referrals were sent to other facilities, including emergency rooms. This shouldn’t be the norm.

Your Support, Their Joy: Why Your Contribution Matters

Imagine the peace of mind and joy of knowing your unborn baby is healthy and thriving, your support can make this possible. Your contribution goes beyond funding a machine; it’s about creating moments of anticipation and ensuring safe, healthy pregnancies.

Why Act Now?

We can’t wait. Lives are waiting. Every donation today propels us closer to our goal. Your support will have an immediate impact, fostering early detection of medical conditions and creating a ripple of positive change in our community.

Be a Hero: Your Contribution Counts

By donating today, you become a hero. You’re not just giving funds; you’re gifting hope, health, and the promise of beautiful moments. Help us reach our goal, and let’s make the joy of healthy pregnancy a reality for all.

Thank You for Being a Hero.