Healthy Rhythms: Strengthening Hearts with Every EKG

Every year, Camino Health Center conducts nearly 4,000 EKG (Electrocardiogram) procedures.

Each of these procedures isn’t just a medical test, it’s a chance to save lives.

Without EKG machines, we would not be able to detect early signs of cardiac irregularities and give patients the proper treatment they need.

Our current EKG machines have served the needs of our patients for years but are in need of a refresh to keep up with the demands of our growing community.

The hearts we serve deserve the best, and that’s where you come in. 

Through this campaign, we aim to purchase 3 brand-new EKG machines, allowing us to continue to provide enhanced cardiac health screening services, ensuring that risk factors are identified, and cared for.

4,000 EKG procedures each year, means 4,000 hearts and 4,000 lives we can affect.

Every dollar you give brings us closer to our goal of ensuring that every heartbeat gets the care it deserves.