The Camino Health Center Donor Society

Beginning with Arthur & Gaye Birtcher, Mario Cuevas, the late Sal Pepe, the St. Vincent de Paul Society, the late Reverend Monsignor Paul Martin, and the first volunteer physician Dr. Peter Czuleger in 1982, Camino Health Center has been blessed by the tremendous generosity of the south Orange County community. The creation of the Camino Health Center Donor Society is the culmination of 40 years of community support. In these 40 years, Camino has seen donations totaling well over $10,000,000. These funds have taken Camino Health Center from a small community clinic serving a few hundred patients a year to a multi-site health center system that provides tens of thousands of visits annually.

Our appreciation for all our donors is unending. With your help, Camino can provide quality, affordable healthcare to thousands that otherwise would have nowhere else to turn. A community’s health is measured by its most disadvantaged residents’ equity and access to quality healthcare.

All donors’ lifetime giving amounts were calculated without gifts-in-kind. Additionally, gifts before 2020 are only counted if they were specifically earmarked for Camino Health Center. If you are curious about your lifetime giving amount, please reach out! Our doors (or phones) are open to you, and we wish to be nothing but transparent for our amazing supporters.