Doctor’s Day 2021

Dr. Maria Savitt

Having joined us in January, Dr. Maria Savitt is our newest Medical Doctor. She was able to take a moment out of her busy schedule to give some details about what it’s like to be a Doctor at Camino Health Center:


“I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work at Camino Health Center in San Juan Capistrano. For as long as I can remember, it has been my life’s goal to be a doctor serving in an underserved community where I can make a difference by providing quality care to my patients. Born in El Salvador, I am fluent in Spanish and completely identify with the Latin culture. I enjoy teaching my patients and sharing my knowledge with them to benefit their health. Working at Camino Health Center with so many friendly, exceptional, and like-minded people makes my job more enjoyable.


The difference between working at a private practice and working at Camino Health Center is the emphasis on patient care rather than making a profit. You can practice medicine the way it’s supposed to be practiced.”

On Doctor’s Day, we honor the Doctors that help us fulfill our mission.


On March 30th, we take the time to celebrate our Doctors and to thank them for all that they contribute to our community. We want them to know that their tireless efforts are not only essential, but also appreciated. This past year has been challenging for everyone on earth. Thankfully, our world’s doctors have worked relentlessly to fight the coronavirus and keep us safe. Please consider making a gift in honor of our doctors this month. If you have a had a good experience with one of our doctors, or if you would simply like to say some kind words, feel free to leave a comment with your gift; we’ll be sure to pass it along!

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